Pretty leaderDo you want to improve your sales results?

Charisma is likeability. People buy from you if they like you. Salespeople know this.

So let’s say you are a sales person and you are not getting the sales results you want. You are prospecting. You are seeing people. But your close rate isn’t that great.

You’ve tried many approaches.

Sales training programs have left you…without better sales results!

But have you tried unleashing your own hidden, natural charisma?

Yes. You do have charisma. Even if you don’t think you do. Even if nobody has ever told you that you do.

This is way beyond sales training…and yet it is practically, no, completely, effortless: you listen, your grow, you make more money!


improve your sales skills

Improve your sales skills through the power of your own natural charisma!

Charisma can be unleashed using our program- it is safe, effective, and, in terms of the results, one of the most cost-effective things you can do to improve your sales skills!

Our program will empower you to improve your sales skills by unleashing your hidden charisma- get better closing results, get more referrals, get bigger sales, and get bigger commissions!

But, wait, there’s MORE!

You see, unleashing your hidden natural charisma will improve your sales skills, but it is is self-improvement that will help you in every area of your life to be a better person.

buy now increase your sales skills

Charisma is powerful. It unlocks many doors. Whether that door is for increasing your sales skills or finding love and favor, charisma is one of the most effective and powerful tools at your disposal!


inject yourself with more profits by increasing your sales skills

Improving your sales skills through unleashing your charisma is going to inject more profit into your bank account!

Do you want that kind of superpower ability?

Do you want –

More Sales
More Affection
More favor
Then you need to take action, right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW.


To delay action is to delay results.

When do you want to make more sales?



Then you need to DO THIS FOR YOURSELF right NOW to increase your sales skills.


unleash your hidden charisma

Your hidden charisma will do more than improve your sales skills, it will make you a happier person!

Now, a word here on our program- we made this for everybody, And we made this for the whole person. Yes, indeed, this program, Hypnotic Charisma, WILL improve your sales skills, It will, That’s just a fact. But it will do so much more!

It will improve your sales skills
It will make you more attractive in the eyes of other people.
It will lead to greater serenity and less stress in your life.
It will increase or give you confidence.
You will become a happier person


We are focusing on sales people for one simple reason- sales people tend to be more serious about self-improvement and professional development. They not only understand the need to invest in improving their sales skills, but they also invest the time in using the programs they invest in!

We don’t just want you to buy our program, discounted for you for a one-time payment of $179, but we want you to use it and profit from it!


We want you to make more sales. We want you to have less stress, We want you to have more fun and be more likeable, because you really are more likeable than you know! If you just bought the program without listening, reading, and doing the exercises, then what good would it do you? We are motivated to help you succeed- we are in your corner!

But is this really sales training? Yes. If you do this you will be a better sales person. It is more than just sales training. And it is effortless sales training- you listen and you grow. How cool is that?

What does this small one-time investment get you?

The Hypnotic Charisma Bundle contains:

  • Introductory Hypnotic Charisma
  • Hypnotic Charisma
  • Advanced Hypnotic Charisma Book One
  • Advanced Hypnotic Charisma Book Two

improve your sales scaled by unleashing your charisma

Improve your sales skills through the charisma bundle!

And these 9 digital audio files (in mp3 format)

  • Introductory Hypnotic Charisma
  • Hypnotic Charisma
  • Use of Subtext
  • “Per Sona” Charismatic Voice
  • Power Poses
  • Mono No Aware
  • Radical Self-Validation
  • Self-Soothing Skills
  • The Power of YES

     The Hypnotic Charisma Bundle includes immediate download of all 5 eBooklets and 9 mp3s from the Hypnotic Charisma series.
     You also will be signed up for our monthly report filled with ideas and inspiration for using the power of the mind-body connection to improve your life. Reply to the confirmation email. If it doesn’t arrive right away check your spam folder.


This is powerful stuff we are giving you, and our normal going rate is $279 for the entire program!



Why are we giving this to you for only $179?

We want you to use this program. We want to make it accessible to everyone.

So, let’s say you used your credit card and took a year to pay this charge off, let’s say that cost you $18 per month. Now, when you use this program a few things will happen-

You will notice a decrease in stress
You will notice a decrease in nagging self-doubt
You will look forward to the next sales call
You will start closing more sales
People will notice the change

All THAT (and more) is easily worth a mere $18 a month….

Unleash the power of charisma now!

Unleash the power of charisma now!

Of course, this doesn’t depend on you.

That’s right. If you listen, the words will do the job. Do what the program tells you to do..and the program will do all the heavy lifting.

The entire program is based on the truth that you have natural hidden charisma, and through listening, reading, and doing the exercises, you will see that your charisma is real and powerful, and it will be unleashed.

You do want more sales?

Of course you do.

Inside of you is hidden charisma- unleash it now!

Inside of you is hidden charisma- unleash it now!

So what are you waiting for, buy the program right now…and stop trying to do this yourself. Let the program do its job: listen to the mps audio sessions, read the material (it’s not long-winded and it’s very easy to follow), and do the simple exercises. Don’t delay. Once you get the program, dive right in.

And here’s the cool thing- this program is a gift that keeps on giving.

Even after you start seeing results, even after you go through the whole program, you will have resources to keep going back to over and over again.

Feeling agitated or worried? Listen again to Self Soothing Skills
Did you miss a sales target? Listen again to The Power of Yes
Have to meet really important people? Listen again to Power Poses

Unleashing your charisma is not a one-and-done deal. You have far more depth than that! Each level unleashed…leads to new levels you can unleash…and this program will always be there to help you go deeper and deeper. 


But you will not have any of that if you do not take action immediately. This deal is not a forever deal! This program WILL GO UP IN PRICE!

We are making this offer now to get as many people as possible to use the program. And we want to hear your success stories!

No other program that will improve your sales skills will go as far and deep as this one. No other sales improvement program will help you in so many other areas of your life. No other sales skills improvement program will decrease your worry and stress. And yet many other programs cost more money and depend entirely on you. In this program, all you have to do is participate- read, listen, do the exercises, and repeat. The changes will happen for you, because all we are doing is utilizing the power of self-hypnosis in a program created by two of the top 100 leading hypnotists in the world to tap into your own natural, but hidden, charisma.

Buy this now. Start closing sales. Start unleashing your natural charisma.

buy now increase your sales skills