Find Your Charisma- Attract Love, Sales, Influence

Here are the mind hacks that will immediately unleash your inner charisma and compel people to desire to do business with you.


Charisma — “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others” — is a powerful thing.  Having charisma gives you the secret sauce for success, whether professionally, financially, socially, or even romantically.

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Wendy Packer

This video is about our sister site, Hypnotic Beauty, but we wanted you to "meet" Wendy Packer, whose voice will be with you on your Hypnotic Charisma journey.


We’re going to let you in on the secret of how it can be yours.

If you display your hidden charisma people will desire to grow closer to you, support you, and help you succeed in every way!


You need people to be drawn to you, personally, to make them wish to do business with you, buy your products, hire you, promote you, or just want to welcome you to the cool kids’ lunch table where you belong.



Charisma Can Be The Difference Between Wealth and Happiness On One Hand, Or Poverty And Sorrow On The Other Hand

Whether you are a sales professional, a business manager, a lawyer, a civil servant, a first responder, a bank teller, an aspiring actor or model, or even a barista — whatever you do — having charisma is like money in the bank.

Socially, charisma is what will gain you that seat at the cool kids’ lunch table. 

And charisma is what will make you stand out as the perfect romantic partner (whether you are already married — rekindle the honeymoon! — or single and looking for your breathtakingly handsome Prince Charming or staggeringly lovely Snow White to notice you and fall in love with you).

Welcome.  We are here to offer you some simple “life hacks” — safe, simple, easy ways to “hack” your own mind — to unleash the latent charisma hiding deep within you and bring it out, and gain all that charisma will brings to your life.

Pssst! Very few people know is that charisma is something that can be developed by anyone.  Now you are one of them. Yes, some people are born with charisma. Most — like actress Marilyn Monroe, who started out as a very mousy Norma Jean Baker — develop it.

You can develop it too! You’ve come to the right place, where developing your charisma is inexpensive, fast, easy, and delicious. Follow along.

We – my professional partner and I — are two international experts in training people to do just that.  More on that shortly. First things first. What is charisma?

Charisa is a Thing. It is not something mysterious or amorphous. Your latent charisma — “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others” — can be cultivated and quickly unleashed in simple, easy, practical, affordable steps.

We know how.  And our recordings available here will easily, effortlessly, unleash your latent charisma.

But how?

Little known fact. Charisma experts — such as psychologists — have absolutely proven that charisma come from some basic building blocks.

These blocks are: social and emotional expressivity, sensitivity, and poise.

We’ve taken it beyond the theory into practice.


Together, let’s set free your inner super-hero, as you discover and use your hidden charisma.

Charisma comes from very specific qualities of your presentation. 

Among these qualities are:

  • your body language, how you stand or sit;
  • the tenor of the sound of your voice;
  • your very specific choice of words for their implicit suggestions;
  • your ability to radiate “grace under pressure,”
  • your ability to validate your own gut instincts;
  • your ability to be present-in-the-moment and really connect with people; and
  • your power to use the Power of Yes to overwhelm negativity.

Why believe us?  We are two of the most recognized charisma specialists in the world.  We have taught hundreds of people and have thousands of followers in our virtual community around the world.  Now, having proven it in practice, we wish to take hypnotic charisma to the next level and bring it to millions of lucky people.

Hypnotic charisma is not a clinical process but it is a professional one.
I am a Registered Nurse and my partner in this practice is a retired White House lawyer.

And we are two of the most highly trained, accomplished, hypnotists in the world.

We have distilled the charisma techniques that will powerfully and quickly unleash your inner charisma. We have distilled these into seven self-hypnosis recordings.  Hypnosis isn’t kooky or spooky any more.  It’s been studied extensively by places like Harvard University Medical School, Stanford University, and the Mayo Clinic (none of which are we affiliated with but you get the idea). It has been proven to be a powerful, safe, modality to engage the mind-body connection and the superpowers that come with doing that.

Modern hypnosis no longer involves “trance.”  It induces a pleasant state of reverie — like a daydream — in which your consciousness is in no way diminished and you never surrender control of your mind to others. Listening to our self-hypnosis recordings is like listening to a guided meditation.

But it’s not metaphysical.  It’s practical.  Its benefits are powerful and tangible. (Like helping you get that raise you deserve!)

Modern hypnosis uses the powers of your imagination to transform your presentation of your natural self in a charismatic way.  Don’t confuse “imagination” with “imaginary.” It is a sleeping superpower inside you. Hypnosis, according to one of its greatest researchers, is, simply stated, “believed-in imagination.” Very cool, very safe, stuff. The right stuff.

Hypnosis can help anyone, and that includes you.

Believed-in imagination — hypnosis — is so powerful!  As Napoleon once said, “Imagination rules the world.” Using his imagination this short, unprepossessing, provincial solider of humble birth made himself an Emperor.

Just imagine what you can do with this power!

Why believe us?

We are internationally recognized as two of the top ~100 hypnotists in the world by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest (67 years), largest (~20,000 members), and most respected (mentioned in the Congressional Record) professional association of non-clinical hypnotists in the world. (Documentation upon request.)  Each of us has appeared on the cover of its flagship magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism. We are on the faculty of its annual worldwide convention and present intensive certification trainings at its annual Summer Institute. We’re experts.

Hypnosis is a state of reverie, and in this state your mind and body can be awakened to your inner charisma

Developing your charisma is as simple as sitting down, turning on your MP3 player, and listening for 20 or so minutes to each of our MP3s, each specifically designed to unleash another aspect of your charisma.  Nothing to learn. Effortless. Just let my voice go with you and guide you into a state where your own personal charisma is unlocked and unleashed.


The Introductory Hypnotic Charisma audio will let you experience yourself as the natural, authentic, charming, charismatic person that you are.

What are some of the other simple, easy, delicious “mind hacks” that will make you charismatic, exuding “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others?”

  • “Power Poses.” This recording that will let your mind train your body to stand or sit or hold yourself in a compelling, attention-getting, attractive way.
  • “Per Sona.” This recording will cause you to tune the tenor of your voice so that people love to listen to its sound.
  • “Subtext.” This recording will attune you to the hidden meaning of your words, guiding you to choose just the right word to impart the power of suggestion to inspire people to find you, and your value proposition, compelling.
  • “Mono No Aware” (Pronounced mohno-no-awaray). This recording gives you a simple, failsafe, way of coming entirely into the present moment, and, thereby, really connecting with others at a whole new level that will touch, move, and inspire them to want to support you and work with you.
  • “Radical Self Validation.” This recording will train you to “check in with yourself” and thus present with a compelling level of authority and authenticity.
  • “Self-Soothing Skills.” This recording will make you capable of retaining and regaining poise in the face of stressful experiences, keeping your cool, a dramatically charismatic quality. Think James Bond facing down Goldfinger!
  • “The Power of Yes!” This recording will teach you how to overwhelm the negativity around you and use your charismatic positivity to generate immense appeal and devotion from others.

What will unleashing your charisma require from you?

That’s the beauty of the program!  Unlike charisma specialists who charge tens of thousands of dollars, and require scores, or even hundreds, of hours of direct tutoring to train top executives, and others, to develop their charisma, we have used the “mind hack” of our expertise with hypnotic reverie to distill all that is needed into seven ~20 minute recordings.  At a tiny fraction — less than 1% — of the cost of getting such training elsewhere. 

All you need to do is download our recordings, put aside a few very pleasant minutes several times a week — or even, if you are eager, once a day — and listen. My voice in your ears does it all. There is nothing to memorize, nothing to learn, no laborious exercises.

My voice will go with you and automatically rewire your mind, while you are fully conscious of every word, every evolution in your psyche, to develop all the qualities necessary for you to transform yourself into a charismatic personality. That’s what it will require from you.

What will you get in return?  These are simple “life hacks” that will transform your life into exactly what you’ve always dreamed it could be!  How great is that? 

All you need to do — right now! — is to click here and download one or more of our hypnotic charisma recordings. Then open them up in your iTunes library or the MP3 player on your PC (or transfer them to your iPhone or Android device) and sit back and listen. Couldn’t’ be easier.

Listen several times a week, or even every day, and you will quickly see the charismatic effect you are having in your business, profession, social or even romantic life!

Listen. Let charisma rise up within you. That’s all there is to it.

Charisma is a Thing.

You can easily, quickly, safely and inexpensively develop your own charisma.

You do it right in the comfort of your own home.

It will take you just a few delicious minutes a week.  (Or if you are eager, a day.)

You are so worth it! 

What are you waiting for?

We at the cool kids’ table are waiting for you to join us!

Click here!

What took you so long?

Kind regards,

Wendy Packer

PS Don’t worry if you’re tech-challenged.  My business partner is too and even he could do it.  Ordering is easy, online delivery fast and automatic, and our tech support people are here for you if you need guidance and will courteously guide you through finding the recordings if it’s not immediately obvious to you where they went on your computer. Your charisma is just too great to let a little tech-phobia stand in your way!

Questions?  We are a small business that cares about every single one of our customers. If you email me at I will write you back personally.

We have been truly blessed in our lives by developing our charisma by using these techniques. We yearn to share those benefits and those blessings with you.




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It’s effortless, natural, and powerful. YOU TOO can learn the secrets of charisma and use them to increase your own.


Donald Trump- master of hypnotic charisma

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